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Contact us, the roof washing experts, for gently washing away stains and dirt from your home's room.

We also do siding maintenance, as well as deck and gutter maintenance!

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3 Benefits Using a Professional
for Roof Washing

Extend the life of your roof

Protect Your Roof From Algae or Moss Growth

Save Time

Get It Done Right

The roof on your home is the first line of defense against Connecticut's seasons. As such, your roof requires occasional care to remain in peak condition.
Get the job done right by a professional. Also, DIY can be costly if you hurt yourself or use a power washer improperly.

Let CT Deck & Gutter save you time and hassle, while getting the job done right!

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5 Reason You Should Think Twice About DIY Roof Washing

When was the last time you checked the structural integrity of your roof? In addition, are there other unforeseen problems that can be a danger to you?

Cleaning your roof without the proper safety gear can be incredibly dangerous. Obviously, homeowners typically do not invest in these seldom used items.

A professional roof washing company can identify roofing issues. In addition, they may also know how to best navigate and fix the issues.

You could damage the room. For example, misusing a pressure washer could dramatically decrease the lifespan of your roof.

Consider the cost of a roof replacement or major repair.

As noted, lots of time can be wasted. In this situation, there is the time for setup of equipment and safety gear. Additionally, there will be clean-up time once the job is done.

Washing the roof, itself, is very labor-intensive.

Why not spend time that can not be retrieved doing something worthwhile? For example, spending time with family and friends, doing a hobby you enjoy, or traveling?

Washing and cleaning your roof requires specialized equipment. Moreover, this equipment can be costly.

On the whole, once you add-up the rental fees, cost of cleaning products, and whatever your time is worth to you, it probably costs less to hire a professional.

You may not realize this, but while you wash and clean your roof, you may not be alone. For instance, there are a variety of insects that may have setup their homes on and around your room. As an example, hornets, wasps and bees may be lurking.

Furthermore, washing may rouse them, thus startling you and creating a hazardous safety condition for you.

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